Five Secrets From Holy Books to Help You Out of a Rut

Mark D. English
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How to get out of a rut

Are you wondering when everything will be okay?

Sometimes it feels like this world has gone crazy. Maybe you are struggling with relationship problems, perhaps with God or a loved one.

Or, you haven’t acknowledged the role you’ve played in causing your problems.

I’ve suffered from my share of alcohol and drug addiction, anger, retaliation, lack of motivation and inspiration, and unfair experiences.

What I went through isn’t common, but I know you will ‌relate to my story, because we all go through challenges in our lives.

If you blame others—or God—for the unfair blows you deal with, or you think you won’t get out of a rut because things are hopeless, my latest book is for you.

My ebook, Five Secrets from Holy Books to Help You Out of a Rut, presents five powerful tools to bring you to a new level of success and well-being.

Consider it your pocketbook of inspiration, a muse, or an aspirational guide to help you achieve what you want in life and create the positive feelings in you that you may have thought were gone.

In the battlefield of life, there is a joy that comes only from persevering and doing what is right, even in the midst of anguish.

I hope that this book’s five tools will help you add to your arsenal to battle against your challenges and tribulations, and help you ‌get out of a rut that’s seemingly hopeless.


Arjuna D. Ghose (aka Mark D. English)

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  • You'll get a PDF!
  • Size1.55 MB
  • Length41 pages
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Five Secrets From Holy Books to Help You Out of a Rut

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